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Revenue-Driven Marketing

How do Sales Engagement Tools differ from Saleswhale AI assistants?

There are basically 3 ways you can use sales engagement tools, like Outreach and SalesLoft today.

7 SEP 2020

What's Saleswhale & how can it help me accelerate revenue?

We are entering a new era of marketing. Before, marketers were measured by leads. Now, marketers need to be responsible for revenue.

31 AUG 2020

4 Marketing Challenges Automated Lead Conversion Systems Solve for...

AI assistants aren’t a replacement for humans. Nor are they intended to replace any of your existing processes or marketing automation tools. They're more.

28 JUN 2020

Demand Gen vs Lead Gen: How not knowing the difference destroyed our...

Marketers that focus on MQLs end up doing the wrong things in order to achieve the metrics. So I changed it.

16 JUN 2020

What's the most innovative campaign marketing has run for you?

"This was one of the most no-nonsense and straight to the point webinars that I've attended!" -- Sharon Lourdes Paul, Head of Business Development

31 MAY 2020

How to convert your marketing leads into sales opportunities

Got cold marketing leads that you have no idea what to do with? Join the club. We get it. You don't have time to follow up with every lead... until now.

5 MAY 2020

4 ways AI can help recession-proof your company

After researching over 100+ companies globally on how they weathered the 2008 global financial crisis, here are four strategies I noticed they deployed..

1 MAR 2020

Mind The "Nurture Gap"

The nurture gap is a hole in the sales funnel between the marketing team and the sales teams, at the moment of lead hand-off. And it's a tough problem to..

10 FEB 2020

How AI assistants help B2B get more qualified sales meetings

Learn more about how AI sales assistants can help marketers in B2B tech companies close the sales-marketing gap.

23 MAY 2019

The gold mine of sales opportunities in your marketing database

Start digging. There could be many valid but dormant sales opportunities in your marketing database. Here's how to bring them back to life.

13 NOV 2018

What the Y Combinator experience is like, according to 4 graduates

Y Combinator is a famous Silicon Valley-based accelerator. Here's how the Y Combinator experience shaped four startups that graduated from it.

28 SEP 2018

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