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Gabriel Lim

Gabriel Lim

Co-founder & CEO at Saleswhale

Saleswhale + 6sense: Our next play begins

This is the beginning of Saleswhale and 6sense coming together, joining forces to create something really unique. This is a chance to upend the entire sales...

20 JAN 2022

🎧 Masterclass on Experiments with Jason Widup, VP Marketing @...

Jason Widup ran a pretty crazy marketing experiment recently which turned $266,000 of marketing spend into $5.3M in sales pipeline and $1.3M closed-won revenue.

28 JUN 2021

🎧 Masterclass with Martin Gontovnikas, SVP Marketing & Growth at...

The culture of intellectual honesty that we build around marketing is important. And I think one of the biggest shear tensions between marketing and sales, or...

31 MAR 2021

Why you need to automate the conversion of your neglected leads

Neglected leads are a silent, huge problem for demand generation and marketing operations teams. The middle of the funnel is where marketing leads go to die.

23 FEB 2021

The Manifesto for Modern B2B Marketers

It started with a $90,000 mistake. The largest marketing campaign I’ve ran flopped hard in terms of return on investment.

12 JAN 2021

How to convert your webinar leads into pipeline in 2021 [Webinar]

So at the end of this webinar, 26% of the attendees converted into customers, and the rest of them are still in the sales pipeline.

10 JAN 2021

How to use Zoom webinar polls to drive more sales meetings with...

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Zoom webinar polls and Saleswhale to convert as much as 18% of webinar and virtual event attendees into sales-ready...

4 JAN 2021

Optimizing for revenue goals as a compass metric is terrible advice....

We moved ahead in assorted (often random) directions. We would launch features and new initiatives constantly. But we never really set goals at all.

13 DEC 2020

Anti-usage products: The next generation of SaaS products

My thesis was that in the next 5-10 years, the next generation of winning SaaS products would be what we call “anti-usage” products.

28 OCT 2020

Anti-usage products: Email as an extension of product interface

At Saleswhale, we actually pursued an email-first strategy where we actually used emails as an extension of our product interface.

27 OCT 2020

Anti-usage products: On pitfalls

The anti-usage pattern does come with some pretty steep pitfalls (we have the battle scars from tumbling down one-too-many canyons).

27 OCT 2020

How to revive dormant leads in your Salesforce database: a...

I want to push you to think outside the box, and not just think about net-new lead generation, but also the value that you are already sitting on in your...

12 OCT 2020

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