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Marketing Strategy

🎧 Masterclass with Martin Gontovnikas, SVP Marketing & Growth at...

The culture of intellectual honesty that we build around marketing is important. And I think one of the biggest shear tensions between marketing and sales, or...

31 MAR 2021

The Manifesto for Modern B2B Marketers

It started with a $90,000 mistake. The largest marketing campaign I’ve ran flopped hard in terms of return on investment.

12 JAN 2021

How to convert your webinar leads into pipeline in 2021 [Webinar]

So at the end of this webinar, 26% of the attendees converted into customers, and the rest of them are still in the sales pipeline.

10 JAN 2021

How to revive dormant leads in your Salesforce database: a...

I want to push you to think outside the box, and not just think about net-new lead generation, but also the value that you are already sitting on in your...

12 OCT 2020

How we closed over $210,000 in revenue with ABM

We selected 67 accounts, which led to 21 demos, 16 sales accepted leads, and 7 closed-won deals for a total of $210K in revenue.

13 SEP 2020

Recalibrating Webinar Marketing for a Post-Normal World

In the post normal world where many are running webinars, how can B2B marketers recalibrate their webinar marketing strategy to stand out from the rest?

11 AUG 2020

How Inbound Marketing Has Changed in the Last 13 years...and 13 Weeks

How inbound marketing has changed in the last 13 years...and 13 weeks? What should be prioritized in your strategy today?

11 AUG 2020

Marketing career advice for my younger self

How can B2B marketers gain ad edge as a marketer and help their companies (and careers) grow.

4 AUG 2020

How to Make Mouth-watering B2B Content

How can B2B marketers create mouth-watering content? How can they create memorable and effective content that ultimately drives revenue?

4 AUG 2020

How COVID-19 affects rejection reasons in B2B lead conversion

735,346 emails later...we looked at how Covid-19 has impacted conversion rates and rejections. Now we're going to spill the tea.

27 JUL 2020

How ABM and B2B Marketing has evolved over the last 3 months

How should B2B marketers approach ABM after everything in the last 3-4 months? What has changed? More importantly, what *hasn't changed*?

26 JUL 2020

How we made the most of our $90,000 mistake

We spent $90,699 to attend Dream Force and it was a mistake.

14 JUN 2020

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