How Gong changed my life

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Catherine Farley | 02 November 2020

No, I'm not referring to the musical instrument. Gong the revenue intelligence company. What is revenue intelligence? A term that was made up and given purpose by Gong's product. What does revenue intelligence and Gong do? They change your entire life––as if a gong were to go off during every sales call. 

Gong captures and analyzes every word of every sales conversation (meetings, calls, and email) – so you have the unfiltered voice of the market.

Now, I'm a Director of Marketing, so why do I want to listen to past sales calls? Because it is a G-O-L-D M-I-N-E of information. Instead of begging account executives to provide a written summary of their conversations and dissecting salesforce, I can now easily tune into any sales conversation and hear word for word what the customer wants, expects, and needs. 

This kind of insight seems unreal? It is completely real and attainable. 

Not only does listening to Gong calls make me a better marketer, message crafting machine, and sales ally, but it also made my onboarding the most seamless in my entire career. 

Gong's technology doesn't simply record conversations. It analyzes and breaks each section down so someone like me can know where the customer voiced objections when pricing was brought up, and if any competitors were mentioned. It is a marketing and sales dream tool. 

Now, this blog isn't meant to be an advertisement for Gong, so let me tell you why Gong made me better. 

At Saleswhale, we use our product to conduct outreach and nurture leads. But to stay current and relevant, we leverage our Gong analysis to pivot our messaging every month. Without Gong and that intelligence, we would stick to the same static messaging, or worse, we would make shit up. 

No matter your industry, role, or product, I can't recommend Gong enough. 

Check out our masterclass with Gong’s Head of Content, Devin Reed, to see how they market and develop content for their customers. 


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Catherine Farley

Catherine Farley is the Director of Marketing at Saleswhale. She has 10+ years experience designing unimaginable marketing campaigns and storytelling. Catherine is the proud owner of two Great Pyrenees and due to their shedding is rarely seen wearing black.

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