Increase MQL to SQL conversion with Saleswhale for Salesforce

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Thu Nguyen | 19 April 2021

Here's a fun exercise.

Log into your Salesforce account, navigate to Leads, and filter them by marketing-sourced leads with no sales activity for the past 6 months.


How many leads do you see?

  • Hundreds?

  • Thousands?

  • Tens of thousands?

Each of these leads cost your marketing team time and money to acquire. And for most companies, these leads (and marketing dollars) are just left on the vine to dry out.

No lead left behind

Imagine today, if you could borrow a full time SDR (sales development representative) from Sales to methodically work each lead from your Salesforce reports.

How much more pipeline would you re-ignite? How much would your marketing ROI increase by? How many more SQLs can you hand over to your sales team?

Few things are worse than finding out the leads your marketing team worked so hard to generate went cold because Sales didn't have time to get to them.

That's why today, we are excited to share with you our new and improved Salesforce integration.

Introducing Saleswhale for Salesforce

Saleswhale for Salesforce allows you to build powerful automated lead conversion workflows. This allows you to re-engage with your neglected marketing leads at scale, without burdening your sales team with old lead follow-up.

Here's how it works.

The Saleswhale for Salesforce integration operates as such:

  • Create a report in Salesforce with the lead segment you want to re-engage

  • Create the corresponding AI conversation campaign in Saleswhale

  • Select the report in your Saleswhale campaign and turn on auto-enrollment

That's it.

Because your Salesforce reports are dynamic, they will automatically enroll leads into the correct Saleswhale conversation campaigns when they trip the criteria. 

As your Saleswhale AI engages with the leads, the conversation log, lead statuses, and outcomes will be synced back to Salesforce.

How to accelerate pipeline with Saleswhale for Salesforce

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 2.36.39 AMHere are some automated workflows customers have built with Salesforce and Saleswhale:

  • Re-engage unresponsive leads every 90 - 120 days

  • Accelerate MQLs into SQLs

  • Reach out to lowly scored leads who recently engaged with your content (but not ready to hand over to sales yet)

  • Follow-up with leads generated from virtual events and webinars

Saleswhale for Salesforce is now one of our most powerful core integrations. You can now have the peace of mind that all your marketing leads are being intelligently worked on in the background.

Increase your MQL to SQL conversion rate - as well as the lead quality you are sending over to your sales team - today.

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Thu Nguyen

Head of Growth (Product) at Saleswhale

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