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Announcing AI Conversation Flow: Powerful visual conversation builder to convert neglected leads

28 February 2021 by Thu Nguyen

Demand generation and marketing teams generate more leads at the top of the funnel than ever in this new digital-first world.

However, it’s never been harder to convert these leads into opportunities and revenue.

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The middle of the funnel is where marketing leads go to die.

The leads in the middle - who are not technically hand-raisers yet, but know of your brand through your marketing activities.

If you attempted to hand these leads to your inside sales /inbound team, they would tell you that these are not true inbound leads - because they are not asking for a demo/sales meeting.

So they neglect them or work them half-heartedly.

That’s a lot of wasted revenue potential from neglected leads.

Caitlin Seele, Demand Generation Manager at Drift, summarizes the problem perfectly.

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There has to be a better way.

This is why we are incredibly excited to announce that we have built the industry’s first AI Conversation Flow - to give marketing teams back control over their neglected leads.

AI Conversation Flow is a brand new way to build intent-based campaigns in Saleswhale.

It allows you to visually build the conversation scenarios and response handling for your email AI assistant.


You can choose from over a dozen pre-built Playbooks, like Recycle MQLs with no sales activityEngage post-webinar leads with low intent, etc.

Or you can create your own Playbook from scratch.

Use the simple click and select email conversation flow builder to create your ideal lead conversion journey.

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You can specify how you want your AI assistant to handle specific scenarios, like when they request more information or refer someone else to the email conversation.

We also shipped two new scenarios that our AI can handle with this release (think of them as new skills):

  • Not the Right Person

  • Not a Good Time

You can customize emails with dynamic snippets to further contextualize your emails to boost engagement and response rates.

The combination of dynamic messaging, contextual scenarios, and handling lead responses means that the messaging possibilities are endless.

There’s nothing else in the market that allows for your post-bound email campaigns for neglected leads to be as contextual and conversational as Saleswhale’s AI Conversation Flow.

(Unless you decide to put a full-time human to manually follow-up with all your neglected leads. But we all know how finicky and prone to boredom humans can be. And not to mention expensive.)

Discover pipeline you didn’t know existed with AI Conversation Flow

At Saleswhale, we are obsessed with helping marketers stop marketing leads from slipping through the cracks (because of a $90,000 mistake that our CEO made in a previous life).

We believe that you don’t need to generate more and more leads (hamster wheel) to hit your pipeline goals. Neither do you don’t need to ask for more marketing budget to generate more revenue.

That’s why we built the first automated lead conversion system to give marketing teams back control over their leads.

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With our new feature - AI Conversation Flow – now, the power is back in your hands. 

You have an end-to-end system that will work all your neglected leads faithfully. And you have the full flexibility and power to configure it to your marketing workflow.

As a marketing person, there’s nothing worse than not demonstrating ROI on time and budget spent on your marketing campaigns.

Don’t be that marketer stumped during QBRs - make sure that you are getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

Sign up to try the new Conversation Flow or book a Product Demo to see how you can automate the conversion of your neglected leads into hand-raisers. 

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Turn your MQLs into pipeline

Automate your conversion of neglected leads into sales meetings. No favors from your sales team required.

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Thu Nguyen

Head of Product at Saleswhale

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