What are AI assistants?

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Gabriel Lim | 31 August 2020

The case for AI assistants

AI assistants are automation tools that help marketing and sales teams automate tasks using rule-based configurations and machine learning.

These tasks include lead qualification and follow up, routing hot leads to the right sales reps, scheduling meetings, data collection, and piping data between applications.

The idea is to free up your sales team to do things that only a human can uniquely do.

How do you know what tasks can and should be automated?

  1. It’s a task that you have to do frequently and repetitively

  2. It involves moving information from one application to another (CRM <-> Marketing Automation <-> Sales Reps Emails)

  3. It’s a task that’s boring and doesn’t require much thinking… or takes time away from higher value things that you want to do

Check out an AI assistant in action

Will AI assistants replace my human sales reps?

AI assistants are not a replacement for human sales reps or SDRs.

Neither are they intended to replace any of your existing processes or marketing automation tools (like HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot etc).

AI assistants solve very specific gaps in today’s B2B marketing and sales teams through automation.

Here’s an example of how an AI assistant works on one specific task - sifting out a sales-ready, “hand-raiser” lead through email:

As you can see from the above, this is an example of a task that is laborious for a human. Ultimately, when a lead "raises their hands", they will still be handed over to a sales person for a deeper conversation.

Do AI assistants integrate with my existing technology stack?

AI assistants can be integrated with your existing sales & marketing technology stack, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo etc.

How are Saleswhale's AI assistants different from:


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