Run best-in-class demand generation plays. Introducing Saleswhale's new Topic Library.

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Gabriel Lim | 21 May 2020

I received a piece of feedback from Justin Kan during Y Combinator.

"Have you considered offering a consulting service that's powered by your product instead?"

At the time, I didn't fully grasp the implication of this idea.

But 3 years (and almost 200+ customers, and millions of AI-powered conversations) later, it dawned on me.

Our customers don't just buy Saleswhale for the technology. They lean on us for advice on best practices, use cases and creative conversational plays.

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How can we scale these best practices across dozens of use cases, to all our customers?

Introducing Saleswhale Topic Library - Tested, Proven Conversational Plays to Power Your Next Demand Generation Campaign

Saleswhale Topic Library allows you to select specific AI conversational plays from our curated library.

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These are best-in-class plays informed by millions of email conversations our AI assistants hold monthly.

Each of these plays are continuously optimized for engagement and conversion rates.

Check out how it works here 👇

P.S. Want more demand generation ideas for your next marketing campaign?

We are hosting a webinar on the 28th May, 10 AM PST.

We are interviewing 3 sales leaders at fast-growing B2B software companies - "What's the most innovative campaign that marketing has run for your sales team?"

If you are keen to learn more, sign up here now! (do register as well even if you cannot make the live session - we will be sending the on-demand recording and summarized insights to all registrants at the end of the session via email)

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Gabriel Lim

Co-founder & CEO at Saleswhale

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