How AI sales assistants can help marketers in recruitment companies

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Ying Yi Wan | 12 July 2019

Recruitment companies generate plenty of leads from a variety of sources. For example, taking part in job fairs, producing lead magnets like salary reports, and running ads. These leads are a mix of job candidates and companies that are looking to hire.

The challenge lies in identifying leads who are ready to meet recruitment consultants. Following up with the leads is normally done by the recruitment consultants themselves. But it’s impossible for them to email or call every lead, especially when there are thousands of leads. Instead, they would pick the leads who are most willing to speak to them, and ignore the rest.

Recruitment consultants also tend to stop engaging with leads too soon. Typically, it takes about eight attempts to reach a lead. However, most salespeople make just two attempts.

As a result, marketers in recruitment companies often find that the bulk of their hard-won leads are untouched. They feel frustrated about spending thousands on lead generation campaigns, but have little tangible results to show.

Using AI to solve marketing challenges in the recruitment industry

Most recruitment companies respond to the problem of too many untouched leads by hiring more recruitment consultants to do follow ups.

But increasing headcount does not solve the problem entirely. Leads can still slip through the cracks due to human error (e.g. forgetting to follow up with a lead who said “call me next quarter”) or giving up too soon.

That’s where AI sales assistants come in.

AI sales assistants are a type of conversational marketing software that engage and qualify leads at scale. They do this by reaching out to leads over email. They are persistent yet polite, never failing to follow up, and can carry conversations for weeks if necessary. When a lead indicates interest in meeting, AI sales assistants route them to sales. Sales can then focus on  meeting people and understanding their needs.

Here are some ways AI sales assistants can help marketers in the recruitment industry:

Reach out to job candidates to see if they are still open to new opportunities

Many job candidates apply for jobs via recruitment companies’ websites. But not all applications are successful. Some candidates drop out of the process, while others did not get job offers.

These candidates can be re-engaged! Use an AI sales assistant to reach out to people who have applied for jobs previously and ask if they are still open to new opportunities. Those that say yes will be connected with recruitment consultants.

Here’s an example of what an email to a job candidate might look like:

Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 3.18.24 PM

Leverage on content offers to get more meetings with companies

Employment guides, industry reports, and other content offers are great for attracting leads. However, many recruitment companies don’t follow up with the people who download these content offers.

An AI sales assistant can plug this gap. It can contact the people who downloaded content offers, and ask if they’d like to discuss their hiring needs further.

Such an email might look like this:

Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 3.18.36 PM

Expand recruitment companies’ share of wallet

Besides engaging prospective companies, AI sales assistants can also engage existing customers.

Growing companies have many hiring needs. Perhaps they’ll need to hire again next quarter, or for a different department. Why not reach out to them again to see if they need help?

Reaching out to existing customers to do a cross-sell or upsell can be as simple as this:

Screenshot 2020-05-21 at 3.18.49 PM

Closing the sales-marketing gap at recruitment companies

Marketers today find that it’s no longer enough to show that they’ve generated plenty of leads. Their bosses want to know how many of these leads eventually met with recruitment consultants to discuss job placements. But it’s hard for marketers to demonstrate this, when recruitment consultants don’t follow up with most leads.

This is where AI sales assistants can add value. Let them take over the tedious email follow ups from recruitment consultants. They’ll ensure that no prospective company or job candidate slips through the cracks.

Want to find out more about how our AI sales assistants can generate more meetings for recruitment consultants? Request a demo today!

Originally published on 12 July 2019, updated on 6 January 2020


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