Prove me wrong: Whales and AI Assistants are the same

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Catherine Farley | 12 October 2020

I'll tell you right now, so you don't need to read to the end of this post… there are an endless number of whales and AI Assistants out there in the universe. 

Yeah. Your mind is blown, right?

We legitimately don't have a number. That's how many there are. 

Why don't we know how many whales and AI Assistants are out there? 

Because there are no limits or boundaries. We can't measure the entire ocean. Not in a lifetime. The best estimate is 25,000 whales. 

Like whales, Saleswhale provides an unlimited number of AI Assistants to help your marketing team. 

While whales are at the top of the food chain, our AI Assistants move your TOFU leads throughout the buyer's journey. In other words, you need both to survive. 

Saleswhale's AI Assistants hold real conversations with your leads and answer questions as quickly and intelligently as humans. Like whales, Saleswhale provides marketer's complete independence for their nurture campaigns. You can create, launch, and monitor real conversations between your AI Assistant and leads. 

No more competing priorities or limited bandwidth. With AI Assistants––anything is possible. 

Can you even imagine? 

You'd don't need to imagine. You can check it out with our Freemium membership. Sign up today


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Catherine Farley

Catherine Farley is the Director of Marketing at Saleswhale. She has 10+ years experience designing unimaginable marketing campaigns and storytelling. Catherine is the proud owner of two Great Pyrenees and due to their shedding is rarely seen wearing black.

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