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Venus Wong | 23 April 2018

We are extremely excited to share this huge release with you. Re-engagement is a major, sexy feature we have been working on for the last few months. 

This product release answers the question - "How do I automatically re-engage leads who request to be contacted again in the future, or are unresponsive?"

Now, when a lead replies - "Sounds interesting, but now is not a good time. Maybe check in again next quarter." - you know that your Saleswhale bot has got it covered.

The Gold Vein Underneath Your Feet

Many companies spend hundreds of dollars on acquiring new leads. Paid digital campaigns, events, conferences, content downloads etc.. Yet the sad truth is, 72% of these leads are not followed up with beyond a second touchpoint and fall into the stale leads bucket thereafter. 

Yet companies continue to invest in driving more net-new leads, with the intent to increase throughput through the top of their marketing funnel.

There's a gold vein coursing underneath their feet that they are not seeing - it's the stale leads, the pool of leads who did not respond to the initial outreach; the leads which got passed over because your sales reps ran out of bandwidth, the leads who asked to be contacted again in a quarter or two and heard nothing.

Speaking to many sales people, reaching out to these leads are deemed a waste of time. The efficiency is simply too low. It's like mining shale oil. They would much rather work on those hot fresh leads. 

But here's a thought - as your sales and marketing team goes about their activities, what if Saleswhale could clean up after them, ingesting all the abandoned leads, stale leads, unresponsive leads and re-engage them as a background process?

It's akin to having your own personal shale oil extraction facility.

Cue our Re-engagement feature. 


Smart Data Collection

When a lead requests to be followed up with in the future, we can now intelligently capture this follow-up date from the lead's email, and handle the follow-up. Relieve your human sales reps of this cognitive and administrative burden, and leave this to us. 



Powerful Filtering and Bookmarks

You can filter leads by follow-up dates which will be due soon, and add these leads to a Re-engagement campaign.

Your bot will automatically reach out, engage and qualify them, and only hand off the hot leads to your sales reps.

To get quicker access to your filtered list, you can also save your filters as a Bookmark

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 2.09.34 PM


Just the Beginning

The Saleswhale platform also underwent a major User Interface Revamp, in hopes that the whole workflow would be more intuitive. So do not be surprised if you see some new surprises shipped in this new release (Conversations). 

Re-engagement provides the foundation for us to build much more upon, and I would love to hear more from you on how we can do better. So, please continue reaching out to us, and keep the feedback flowing!

You can email me directly at venus [at] As a co-founder of Saleswhale, I would love to hear from you - and promise I will reply every email personally. 


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Venus Wong

Co-founder and Head of Product at Saleswhale

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