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Gabriel Lim | 22 January 2018

We are excited to announce our new Campaigns feature todayWe heard feedback from marketing teams using Saleswhale, that they needed a better way to track performance for each discrete campaign.

We recognise it was impossible to get segmented metrics and performance previously, as leads were enrolled into Conversation Topics in a streaming manner.

With this product release, you can finally do so - and much more !

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What is a Campaign?

A Campaign is a discrete workspace where you enroll leads into a particular Topic. You are able to access real-time metrics and results, for this segment of leads that you enrolled, within this workspace.

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An Example

To illustrate a real-life example:

Imagine creating a Topic called Stale Inbound Leads.

As a marketer, you want to get segregated metrics for your Tier-B, Tier-C, and Tier-D stale inbound leads.

You will create three separate campaigns, all belonging to Stale Inbound Leads, and perhaps name them -

  • Tier-B Stale Inbound Leads
  • Tier-C Stale Inbound Leads
  • Tier-D Stale Inbound Leads

You can then pipe in the relevant leads from your marketing automation software into the correct Campaigns in Saleswhale.

Now, you will be able to get clean, attributable metrics for each of your lead tiers.

A New Workspace

Moving forward, we imagine Campaigns to be your main workspace. You can enroll leads, run reports, do A/B testing, orchestrate re-engagement workflows, set up integration rules, and export leads on specific campaigns.

Tight Feedback Loop

As a marketer, we hope you are as excited as us about this launch! You spoke, and we listened.

At Saleswhale, we listen closely to the needs of our customers. We believe a tight feedback loop between users and product releases is key to building a great product. So, please continue reaching out to us, and keep the feedback flowing!

You can email me directly at gabriel [at] As a co-founder of Saleswhale, I would love to hear from you - and I will reply every email personally.


Gabriel Lim Avatar

Gabriel Lim

Co-founder & CEO at Saleswhale, Inc.

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