How to nurture webinar leads

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Catherine Farley | 01 October 2020

I'm about to say something controversial. The only people that care about webinar follow up are marketers. Yup, I said it. 

How do I know this? Because I have run countless webinars and begged salespeople to follow up with their leads–all for nothing. 

Why is this? Well, it's not because my salespeople hate me. They love me, I swear. It's not because we don't care about those leads. We love all leads equally. It's because we all got some much other shit to do. 

Account executives are out chasing conversation ready leads and trying to schedule meetings. SDS and BDRs are busy cold calling and running their own nurture campaigns. So who's left to care about the webinar leads? Marketers. 

Where do we start? Well, there is definitely room for a shameless Saleswhale plug, but I'll skip right over that. So how does Marketing ensure webinar leads are being followed up on? Follow these 3 steps. 

  1. Write the followup emails in advance. Running a webinar is intense. Organizing the promotion, presentation content, coaching speakers, and any additional troubleshooting is a lot of work. But not giving the followup email content as much thought and care as the presentation is a missed opportunity. 
  2. Don't put a period at the end of the email. Ok, you should be a literal period but figuratively, don't. Make it a conversation. Don't just ship the recording, some ebook, and call it a day. Ask them a question, no not in a survey format, make the emails as conversational as possible. 
  3. Be responsive. You put in all that effort to craft the perfect followup email. Now make sure to keep the momentum going. 

If you don't have the time or bandwidth to craft the perfect email from scratch or follow up on your leads, hit us up. No lie, Saleswhale has the ideal solution for your issue. We've created an AI assistant that can intuitively and intelligently respond to all your leads and keep that momentum going. Sign up for a free trial today. 

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Catherine Farley

Catherine Farley is the Director of Marketing at Saleswhale. She has 10+ years experience designing unimaginable marketing campaigns and storytelling. Catherine is the proud owner of two Great Pyrenees and due to their shedding is rarely seen wearing black.

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