How Saleswhale improved Uzabase’s sales productivity by getting more qualified leads in less time

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Ying Yi Wan | 02 November 2018

Learn how Saleswhale helped Uzabase reach out to thousands of prospects and handed over a hundred sales-qualified leads:


The client


Uzabase is the operator of various business intelligence platforms. It was founded by two investment bankers and a technology consultant who wanted to create a faster and more user-friendly alternative to the existing platforms in the market. The goal is to empower investors with the tools to make accurate, data driven decisions.

Uzabase’s flagship product, SPEEDA, was launched in 2009 and is now used by over 1,000 companies. The company has also expanded beyond Japan, where it was founded, to five other countries.

The challenge

Help the business development team improve outreach effectiveness and meet more prospects

Like many B2B businesses, the business development team in Uzabase Asia relied on outbound marketing to find prospects. They sent many cold emails and followed up to see if prospects might be interested in Uzabase’s business platforms.

Despite the business development team’s hard work, Uzabase found it challenging to scale its business and reach a greater pool of target users. Balancing regular follow ups with busy meeting schedules was hard. It was also unproductive for Uzabase’s limited business development manpower to nurture leads manually over many months.

The solution

Integrate Saleswhale’s AI assistant into Uzabase’s early stage sales process

In 2018, Uzabase engaged Saleswhale to help them automate their lead qualification.

Saleswhale set up an AI sales assistant that would reach out to all leads at the same time. The AI would send each lead an email that was personalized based on their pain points. Depending on the lead’s reply, the AI would send more information, follow up at a later date, or rope in a business development manager.

As the AI interacted with leads, it also qualified them based on their buying intentions. Once substantial interest had been established, the AI helped the lead schedule appointments with the relevant Uzabase business development manager.

Thanks to the AI, the business development team could focus on what they do best: meeting and helping leads who were definitely interested in Uzabase’s services.

The results

More deals closed in less time, including deals with industry heavyweights

Since January 2018, Saleswhale’s AI assistant has helped Uzabase reach out to thousands of leads and handed over a hundred to the business development team.

One of the deals that the AI helped to close was a heavyweight in the private equity space. Thanks to the AI’s persistent follow up, the deal was closed several months faster than it would have normally taken. An Uzabase Enterprise Financial Sales Manager said,

All the correspondence happened in the back and by the time the email thread was routed to us, this had become a warm and qualified lead. Being a reputable name in the private equity space, having this client onboard has been a huge morale booster for our team. Big thanks to (the Saleswhale team) for the hard work behind a great product!

Today, Uzabase uses Saleswhale’s AI assistants in several of its offices. The marketing team plans to rope in the AI for future projects, such as inbound marketing campaigns. Uzabase’s Marketing Director enthused,

Our relationship with Saleswhale is great! We look forward to having more two-way conversations with our users, and forging stronger relationships with them.

Interested in using AI to get more sales-ready leads? Request a demo of our AI sales assistant today!


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