How AI is Reshaping Sales

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Gabriel Lim | 22 January 2018

At the core, sales is about building relationships - great salespeople close deals by talking to customers, understanding their problems and articulating a compelling vision of how they can help.

However, the reality is that sales people spend majority of their time on administrative tasks - such as writing emails, scheduling meetings and data entry. Statistics show that most sales people only spend one-third of their time selling.

Dawn of a new computing age

AI can automate the mundane tasks, and give time back to your sales team, to focus on what really matters - sellingImagine an assistant that helps your sales reps follow up and qualify leads from events, trade shows, direct mail, email marketing, social media, print and online advertising. Imagine an assistant that filters serious buyers from tyre-kickers, before passing qualified leads to your sales team. Imagine an assistant that politely touches base with prospects from one to three years ago, and updates your CRM automatically with these prospects' statuses and updated interests.

If sales reps were to follow up with every single lead indiscriminately, it would be not only be extremely costly, but also a waste of their time. In this case, an AI-assisted sales assistant can help your sales team scale lead qualification.

Leaving no stone unturned

Here's a real-life case study from one of our customers at Saleswhale:
We helped this customer identify a high-level decision maker from a Fortune 500 company. 

The prospect submitted his personal Gmail address on the web form because he did not want to receive marketing automation newsletters to his work email.
Due to the prospect signing up with a personal Gmail address, and had only downloaded one white paper, the prospect was given a low lead score by the marketing automation software. The sales team did not engage or follow up with this prospect as they would rather focus on higher scoring leads (and higher intent actions).

Our AI Assistant however, engaged this prospect and uncovered that he was actually a VP at a Fortune 500 company via two-way email conversation - and scheduled a meeting for a sales rep. Just weeks after the first outreach, this prospect brought on a milestone deal for our customer.


The future is AI

In the near future, sales teams which are augmented by AI will enjoy a significant competitive advantage over teams that are going at it alone.
They will have more time to meet with customers, focus on selling - and have their AI assistants focused on surfacing hot leads that are ready to meet.
The future is here, and it’s an exciting time to be in sales.
To see how you can leverage AI to help your sales team sell better, request a demo with Saleswhale today!


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