How Saleswhale helped Unit4 ensure a consistent pipeline of sales-ready leads

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Ying Yi Wan | 19 June 2019

Learn how Saleswhale helped Unit4's APAC marketing team increase their lead engagement and deliver more qualified leads to sales consistently, despite their lean team size.

The client


Unit4 designs and sells enterprise software solutions to service-oriented organizations.These include: professional services, public service providers, higher education institutes, and nonprofits. Since it began in 1980, Unit4 has expanded its office and partner location networks across five continents.

The challenge

Inefficient lead qualification process and low output of sales-ready leads

Elena Sanchez Klett is the Head of Marketing at Unit4’s APAC office.

Her team consists of herself and two business development representatives (BDRs). The team generates plenty of leads from various sources, such as events, webinars, and content marketing. So many leads, in fact, that the BDRs spend a lot of time sifting through leads and qualifying them. This left the BDRs with little time to do outbound prospecting.

Elena wanted to improve the efficiency and output of her team’s lead engagement and qualification processes. As she puts it,

“The main goal is to create a pipeline of good quality leads for the sales team.”

The solution

Use Saleswhale AI sales assistants to identify and deliver more qualified leads

When Elena met the Saleswhale team, she was intrigued by the Saleswhale AI sales assistant’s ability to hold email conversations with leads. This was unique, but nothing too out of the ordinary for Elena. After all, Unit4 has its own enterprise digital assistant, which helps Unit4 customers with their routine business operations.

She decided to work with Saleswhale to scale her team’s lead engagement and qualification processes.

First, Saleswhale set up two AI sales assistants for Unit4, each covering different regions. Both AI sales assistants get names, designations, and Unit4 corporate emails.

Before deployment, Saleswhale and Unit4 planned the email conversations that the AI sales assistants would have. This depended on the type of product, and the segment of leads that Unit4 wanted to target. Some conversations began with the AI sales assistant reaching out to leads with a relevant case study. Others aimed to reconnect and follow up with leads that Unit4 acquired through events marketing.

Next, Unit4’s AI sales assistants began engaging leads at scale. They read every reply they get from leads. They can also understand each lead’s buying intent (not interested, try again next quarter, speak to my colleague instead, etc.) and respond accordingly.

All conversations had the same end goal: identify the leads who are interested in a sales conversation. The AI sales assistants hand these hand-raisers over to a (human) Unit4 salesperson, thus increasing marketing’s contribution to pipeline created.

The results

Marketing improves outreach and delivers 324 more sales opportunities

Today, Unit4’s AI sales assistants are in charge of following up with the company’s under-engaged leads.

Elena’s team can now have email conversations with at least 1,600 leads per month. Prior to using AI sales assistants, the team handled around 150 outbound prospecting leads a month.

What’s more, the team no longer worries about leads slipping through the cracks and losing sales opportunities. The AI sales assistants follow up with every lead and qualify them without exception. They have helped the Unit4 APAC marketing team deliver 324 more qualified leads within a year.

Unit4’s sales team is also impressed with the qualified leads they’ve received from marketing. For account manager Abigail Jacqueline Anthony, she loves coming to work to find hot leads in her email inbox:

“When we do cold calls, for example, the call is not so cold as we’re following up on the conversations started by Saleswhale’s bots. We can say, “hey, you remember that email my colleague sent you?” Of course, it was our bot that actually sent the email.”

Looking ahead

What’s next for Unit4

Elena and her team can now focus on developing highly-targeted marketing campaigns. She is certain that Saleswhale’s AI sales assistants would continue to play a key role in her marketing:

“We have generated quite a number of quality business opportunities so far. The tool has an intuitive interface and the overall service and support from Saleswhale is superb, the team is super friendly and they are willing to help with anything. We have monthly reviews with the Saleswhale team and go through the performance of our bots with complete and insightful reports.”

Interested in using AI to get more sales-ready leads? Request a demo of our AI sales assistant today!

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