Saleswhale Employee Spotlight: Eunice Yang, Manager of Enterprise Sales Development

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Daniel Tay | 18 July 2019

After two years of working as an account manager at a premier education brand, Eunice Yang was ready for a change.

“I was more excited about selling a technical product, speaking to enterprise buyers, understanding their pain-points, and prescribing how our product could add value to their work.”, she shares.

“After working extensively on account management at a bigger company, I wanted to try my hand at bringing in new customers. Starting a sales cycle from scratch seemed like an interesting challenge.”

The opportunity came when she spotted a job posting by Saleswhale.

Eunice met the team and was intrigued by Saleswhale’s “open, supportive, and collaborative culture”, and she joined in May 2018 as a Sales Development Representative (SDR).

Mastering the art and science of sales development

At Saleswhale, the SDR team is in charge of hunting for new sales opportunities and filling the sales pipeline. The SDR team currently contributes to about 50% of demand generated for the Saleswhale AI sales assistant product.

Eunice joined the SDR team as its third member. From the start, the team had plenty of autonomy to plan and execute outreach campaigns. Through plenty of experiments and iteration, she figured out a system that led to her achieving her quota consistently. She described her SDR work as “the perfect blend between art and science”.

One example was crafting outreach emails that are personable and resonate with customers’ pain points. This involved lots of A/B testing, segmentation, and a good deal of creativity.

“Sending outbound emails is a core part of what we do. You know you’ve done well when you manage to stand out of the hundreds of emails a lead receives in their inbox,” said Eunice. “We spend lots of time researching our accounts and leads, to make sure our message is on point, and we treat our potential customers as people instead of just a number”.

It’s hard work, but Eunice appreciates the challenge. “I enjoy getting my hands dirty with the product’s value proposition, listening to what customers are saying, and bringing it back as data-points for the marketing team.”

Grooming her own team of SDRs for success

In May 2019, Eunice got promoted to the role of Manager of Enterprise Sales Development. This was a huge transition for her.

As an SDR, she managed her own work and results. Now she’s responsible for the team’s performance, and has bigger responsibilities when it comes to meeting the company’s revenue goals.

“Being in a start-up, where the runway for success is short and slope to excel is steep, it can be extremely pressurizing to keep up at times,” said Eunice.

So, how does she keep her team going during ‘drier’ months, when they find it hard to hit their quotas? Eunice does her best to motivate them to not lose heart and obsess over their low numbers. Instead, she pulls the team together to find ways to bring their numbers back up again.

Having a fear of failure stops you from growing. Saleswhale changed the way I viewed success. It’s the kind of ‘never say die’ spirit we practice internally that keeps me going.

She also encourages her team to not be afraid of failure.

“You have to be willing to take criticism, take in new information, and improve on things.”, she explained. She learned these from working closely with Gabriel, CEO of Saleswhale, who mentors the SDR team.

Life outside work

When the going gets tough, Eunice spends downtime with her cat to recharge.

She also cooks and works out at the gym after work, both hobbies she likens to a process she enjoys perfecting. “Cooking is my favourite way to express myself creatively, and I really enjoy finding the perfect balance of ingredients,'' she enthused.

For the same reason, she weight-lifts at the gym, “Working out isn’t just a physical challenge, but a mental one and getting endorphins in is the best way to end a day.”, she said. 


Interested in joining Saleswhale? We’re hiring across many departments! Check out our open positions here.


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