Announcing our Salesforce Integration

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Venus Wong | 25 May 2018

At Saleswhale, one of our core tenets is for the product to be anti-usage. It means the system should work in the background with minimal human input - it should pull in leads, engage them in two-way conversation & update your CRM automatically. 

Most B2B software today, however, requires significant change in business processes and human behaviour.

Our goal is to aspire towards automation, where inter-dependent systems communicate seamlessly, and humans are freed up to do more meaningful and high-impact work. 

With this in mind, we began work on a highly complex integration with Salesforce - the first of many integrations to come. Months of blood and sweat later, we are excited to announce that Saleswhale's integration with Salesforce is finally ready! tada

What This Means For You

Before this integration came along, most of our customers were manually exporting leads and uploading them into Saleswhale via spreadsheets.

If you are using Salesforce CRM, you no longer have to do that. Enrolling leads into your various campaigns is now just one click away.  

Another ancillary problem that we solve with this integration is keeping your CRM data clean and updated -- something human sales reps don't currently do very well (we understand, they have better things to do!).

This integration ensures all the email conversations, status updates and structured data collected via your Saleswhale AI Assistant gets automatically updated back to Salesforce, saving your human sales reps from spending their precious selling time doing so.


Mapping of Salesforce Fields

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You can import any Salesforce field into Saleswhale by mapping them to a Saleswhale attribute.

Once these attributes are synced to Saleswhale, you can use them as merge tags to personalise your conversations, or even compare their performance under our Comparison Report!

Setting Up Lead Ingestion / Enrollment Rules For Each Campaign


 You can easily engage different customer segments with different campaigns. Set up these import rules for your campaigns, and we will take care of this automatically, on a real-time basis.

Import Salesforce Leads With Just A Click of a Button

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 2.45.56 PM

After you configure your lead import rules, enrolling Salesforce records into your campaign is just a click away. Simply enter the quantity of leads you want to engage and get rolling! 

Push Conversations And Lead Statuses Back To Salesforce


As your AI Sales Assistant engage your leads in back-and-forth conversation, we will push all the data exhaust back into Salesforce. Your Saleswhale assistant will never falter, forget to update a record, or complain that she is "spending too much time on Salesforce administration and not enough time on selling".


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Venus Wong

Co-founder and Head of Product at Saleswhale

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